Cybersecurity for OT

Real time monitoring, enables immediate response.


We are cybersecurity experts on industrial automation and control systems. Our skilled advisors and technicians help you secure critical infrastructure and production facilities, train your staff and implement secure practices.

SNOK™ – our real time monitoring solution – discovers and alerts break-in attempts on industrial assets.

We in Secure-NOK™ have designed our solutions bottom-up for industrial purposes. SNOK™ Cybersecurity Monitoring System can be deployed to all types of facilities from large plants to remote, unmanned stations. It provides you with automatic early warning of malware/virus, unauthorized changes and all stages of hacking attempts on your system.

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Hvor sikkert er egentlig et industrielt anlegg? (NO)

Hvor sikkert er egentlig et industrielt anlegg? (NO)

SNOK sensorene sladrer om alt som foregår på innsiden av produksjons­nettet. Detektor modulen oversetter sladderet til alarmer som sendes til sikkerhetsansvarlig for anlegget og Secure-NOKs analyseteam.

Critical Infrastructure

Hacking, malware and viruses have attacked IT systems for decades. Recently, cyberattacks has grown into a serious threat to critical industrial infrastructure as well. What has happened and how can infrastructure be protected?

Oil & Gas

Assets in the Oil & Gas Industry are attractive targets for cyber-attacks with potentially severe consequences. Combined with strong digitalization and automation trends the cyber risk is rapidly increasing. Read about what regulators and the industry itself is doing to reduce its risk exposure.

Electric Power

Today, society reliable operation of the power grid is critical for our society. The tolerance for major outages is low. At the same time, operation of the grid relies heavily on automated control systems that are vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Traditionally, security risks to Water Management Systems have been mitigated through maintaining an “air-gap” from other computer systems. Today technical similarity and interconnectivity with IT systems are increasing and so is the exposure to the global cyber threat landscape.


Railway signaling, flight control, traffic light control and other transportation management systems depends on automated systems. Some of these systems may be vital to a nation’s security. For all, safe and reliable operation is essential.


Modern manufacturing rely on inter-connected power-driven machinery. With the transition to Industry 4.0’s massive interconnectivity, questions arise of how to prevent cyberattacks to avoid manufacturing downtime, damage to equipment as well as safety risks to personnel.

Process industry

PLCs are the automation workhorses of  processing plants. These rugged, reliable devices control often critical processes. Traditionally, PLCs are not designed with security in mind. A cyber attack or tampering with PLCs can cause downtime or even destruction and accidents.


Ships are becoming increasingly connected and reliant on software intensive systems. Combined with continued use of legacy systems not designed to be secure and generally low cybersecurity awareness among seafarers, maritime vessels are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Asset Discovery

SNOK gives visibility of endpoints in the network and their communication patterns.

Real Time Monitoring

SNOK monitors industrial networks and endpoints in real time for all types of cyber attacks.

Enterprise Solutions

SNOK scales hierarchically for large, complex multi-site industrial infrastructures.

Why Choose Secure-NOK™?

Secure-NOK™ notifies you of attacks on your infrastructure at an early stage. SNOK™ provides you the time and insight to respond before attacks have costly and dangerous effects.

BETTER: SNOK™ uses Anomaly Behavioral Detection – known malware as well as threats never seen before are detected and alerted in real time. SNOK™ is compatible with legacy devices keeping blind spots to a minimum.

CHEAPER: SNOK™ can run on your existing hardware or as an appliance on an industrial unit of your choice. SNOK™ monitors your network and endpoints as is, there is no need for network reconfiguration.

EASIER AND FASTER: Installation is easy and fast as it does not disrupt the already running industrial processes.

Our Approach

Industrial infrastructure such as oil & gas installations, the electrical power grid, manufacturing plants, and many more are critical for our society as we know it.

Ensuring reliable performance of these functions has traditionally focused on safe and reliable operation. At the same time, industrial infrastructure has always been an attractive target for politically or economically motivated attackers. This has caused owners to deploy security measures such as fences and CCTV cameras to protect their industrial sites.

As industrial infrastructure is rapidly transitioning into the digital age, cyber-attacks on OT systems are rising on the list of preferred method for attackers. Traditional cybersecurity protection methods are however not tailored for industrial settings and might allow advanced threats to go undetected. That is why we have designed SNOK™ specifically to meet the needs of owners of industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

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Secure-NOK is part of NIST NCCoE Consortium

Secure-NOK is working with NIST in the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Capabilities Assessment for Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems Use Case Consortium to develop practical, interoperable cybersecurity approaches that address the real-world needs of complex Information Technology (IT) systems.

By accelerating dissemination and use of these integrated tools and technologies for protecting IT assets, the NCCoE will enhance trust in U.S. IT communications, data, and storage systems; reduce risk for companies and individuals using IT systems; and encourage development of innovative, job-creating cybersecurity products and services. NIST does not evaluate commercial products under this Consortium and does not endorse any product or service used.

Additional information on this Consortium can be found here

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