NIS2 and security demands for the food industry

How to make sure new production sites are compatible with the security demands of tomorrow, and how does it affect my business?  

…This was the question the food industry would be getting the answer to, when NFEA (Norwegian Society of Electric and Automatic Control) invited us to speak at their annual event on automation within the food industry : Automation in the Food Industry 2024.

With NIS2 approaching, the focus on cybersecurity in the food industry is on people’s agenda. The implementation of the European NIS2 directive sets demands for the industry and the Law of Digital Security is being implemented in the second half of 2024.  

Our opening question at the conference, seemed almost ‘too dumb of a question’ to ask, yet important, regardless:  

“How many of you have heard of NIS2?”  

NIS2, Network and Information Security Directive, a new regulation from the EU, in which the food industry is expected to follow up on. Alarmingly few hands rose. 

Knowing how long it takes to gear up for a new regulation like this, and how important it is for the food industry to work on it, we hoped the question could’ve been just as a remark.  

The food industry has not yet been mentioned in previous directives and regulations. This will change, with the new NIS2 Directive: All food productions either with more than 50 employees or seen as critical to society will fall under the directive’s demands. Such as measures to handle risks and precise decisions on reporting and handling unwanted events.  

Even though the Law of Digital Security, nor the NIS2 has been enforced yet, it will take some time to implement cybersecurity once it eventually is. Don’t hold off on preparing for it until the very last minute. The ransomware attack holding your production as hostage, could happen tomorrow.