Tekna Stavanger has named Secure-NOK the most innovative company in South Rogaland. Terje Aas Warland from the Stavanger Technology Committee, says that they annually award the technology prize to a company with local roots.

The criterion for awarding the prize is that the technology must be innovative, have a

significant growth potential and be commercially exciting.

“Secure-NOK has developed an innovative cyber security solution that is very relevant and important for Norwegian industry. The company has also developed a unique and patented system that requires a high degree of technology and

technological competence”, says Terje Aas Warland.

A lot of work has gone into developing the technology, and there is a growing demand for this type of solution. The war in Europe has also contributed to the industry taking the threat picture seriously. The consequences of an unwanted cyber incident on

critical infrastructure, oil & gas production, power supply etc. – can have major societal and financial consequences.

For us, the award is a recognition that the marked for industrial cybersecurity is maturing, and we will continue to spread awareness and knowledge of security risks in

the industrial environment, and to further develop our product and services in line with market needs and trends.