New SNOK™ release 1.10 is available.

Apr 14, 2021 | News

The SNOK™ software suite version 1.10 has been released with enhanced security detection capabilities, improved security alert handling and better usability.

SNOK™  version 1.10. contains enhanced detection capabilities and alert handling capabilities in both the SNOK™ Network Intrusion Detection System module and the SNOK™ Endpoint Monitoring module. This includes features such as detection of missing communication patterns previously recorded, unexpected ARP table changes on endpoints, unexpected network usage from an endpoint point of view and more.

SNOK 1.10 includes capabilities to mark certain changes in the monitored infrastructure as “whitelisted” to inhibit alerts from further activity related to such changes. Version 1.10 also includes improvements and enhancements to the SNOK™ User interface and standardization of syslog output.

Contact for full release notes and support to obtain and implement the new release.