SNOK Release 1.15

The SNOK® software suite is regularly being updated and renewed with new features, updates and fixes.  Now, we at Secure-NOK are thrilled to announce the launch of version 1.15 of, marking a significant upgrade with new enhancements for the security operations. Following, are a few examples, showing some of  the improvements made in this 1.15 update : 

SNOK Alarm Generation 

A new SNOK Alarm Generation module is introduced to aggregate Detected Events into more high-level security situations which is called SNOK Alarms. This module monitors all incoming Detected Events and is issues an Alarm when it identifies a deviation from the established safe operational patterns. 

Rules for defining severity on Detected Events 

We introduce a new rule-based severity setting for detected events within our security system. This feature empowers users to craft a customized response strategy that aligns with the criticality of each situation. With the ability to define multiple rules, users gain the flexibility to determine the severity level of Detected Events with precision. 


Dashboard improvements  

The network display Dashboard has undergone a series of enhancements to provide a more dynamic and user-friendly experience. A key enhance made, is the Purdue Model Background Visualization, in which the network can now be displayed against a Purdue Model background, offering a visual context for the nodes in the network.  

Asset list improvement 

The SNOK automatically discovers all nodes in the network and produces an inventory, called the SNOK Asset List. In this 1.15 update, the Asset List has been improved to offer a more tailored and insightful user experience. The enhancements include i.e. Severity Level Display and Asset Labelling. 


Maintenance mode 

We have added a new feature in SNOK Detector: Maintenance Mode. This mode is specifically designed to minimize false positives during periods of system maintenance. Maintenance is a critical part of system management, and this is to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the security monitoring. 

Contact for full release notes and for support in acquiring and implementing this new release.