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Secure-NOK is honored to be working with some of the most respected industrial control systems teams on the planet. Together we share the mission of protecting industrial control networks from cyber-attacks and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the world’s most critical infrastructures.

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Featured Global Partner:

The combination of Siemens extensive industrial experience and Secure-NOKs technology built and offered solely for industrial purposes offers a flexible security solution for infrastructure in industries with a growing need to protect against cyber threats. Our joint offerings are available globally.

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Siemens Integration

The Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK™ Intrusion Detection System (IDS) features a RUGGEDCOM switch and Secure-NOK’s sophisticated yet unobtrusive SNOK™ intrusion detection technology. It adds another security mechanism to complement the conventional defense-in-depth model. Once deployed, it’s an early warning system designed specifically to protect OT networks characteristics and requirements.

Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK™ Intrusion Detection System

RUGGEDCOM is a product line of rugged industrial networking equipment from Siemens, offering security appliance capabilities and rated for harsh environment. Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK™ Intrusion Detection System consists of the SNOK™ solution integrated with RUGGEDCOM routers and switches

What we offer

Together, we provide our customers with security solutions appliances perfectly adapted to their environment.

Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

SNOK™ Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) is a solution that monitors internal and external network communication of industrial systems. It detects viruses, malware and sophisticated attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats), including those that are undetectable by conventional security tools. The integration with the RUGGEDCOM line of products eliminates the need to install additional hardware and software to perform network monitoring and detection.

Cyber Security Monitoring System

SNOK™ Cyber Security Monitoring System (CMS) is a cybersecurity solution that combineSNOK™ Network Intrusion Detection System and SNOK™ Endpoint Monitoring. SNOK™ Endpoint Monitoring detects anomalies at endpoints such as HMIs, SCADA systems, workstations and servers. The SNOK™ CMS closely monitors both network and endpoint behavior reducing blind spots in the infrastructure and improving the overall visibility.

Enterprise Solution

SNOK™ Enterprise Solution is a flexible way of securing a portfolio of industrial assets and is perfectly suited for monitoring of multiple sites. Our enterprise solution includes the SNOK™ CSM implemented on each site and the SNOK™ Detection Server that aggregates information across all sites. The SNOK™ Detection Server is typically installed at your central Operations or Control Center. Alerts produced by SNOK™ can be integrated into already existing monitoring solutions.

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INtrusion detection systems

Today, industries such as electric power, oil & gas, transportation and many more are becoming increasingly digital, automated and interconnected. This makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks; once a concern exclusive to IT infrastructure. With Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), we add a layer of early warning detection capability designed specifically to protect Operational Technology (OT) networks.

Siemens Secure-NOK
Siemens Hardware

The Siemens Secure-NOK SNOK™ Intrusion Detection System consists of the SNOK™ solution integrated with Siemens RUGGEDCOM industrial routers and switches for harsh environments.

Ruggedcom RX1500




SNOK™ can be delivered pre-installed in Siemens RUGGEDCOM line of products. This security appliance is ready to be deployed in all types of industrial environments and is ideal for distributed operations where there are few computing resources at the industrial sites. The SNOK™ products are also available integrated with Siemens SIMATIC PC based products or as a virtual machine (VM) on available hardware in the industrial environment.

Learn more about protection of critical infrastructure

Read Siemens and Secure-NOK’s White Paper about how to safeguard sophisticated operational technology for targeted, highly dangerous cyber threats.