Mar 8, 2018 | News

Secure-NOK announces partnership with Siemens, integrating Secure-NOKs cybersecurity solutions with the Siemens Ruggedcom portfolio of rugged network components.

Secure-NOK, a Norwegian cybersecurity company specializing in industrial cybersecurity, and Siemens have partnered to integrate Secure-NOK’s innovative cybersecurity solutions into Siemens portfolio of rugged industrial network components.

Today, industries such as power grids, hydropower plants, oil & gas installations, manufacturing facilities, transportation systems and many more are becoming increasingly digital, automated and interconnected. This makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks (once a concern exclusive to IT infrastructure). Such cyber-attacks cause disruption and can potentially have catastrophic consequences.

Secure-NOK provides cutting edge solutions, helping owners of industrial assets and installations protect against the growing risk of cyber-attacks. Built into the Siemens portfolio of rugged network components, Secure-NOK’s innovative SNOK technology is now available to the market supplementing the Siemens’ Industrial Security portfolio. SNOK is a scalable, distributed, small data solution designed to perform local detection of malware, espionage, sabotage or other harmful cyber-events. SNOK is designed to be implemented on industrial sites, running on hardware with limited computing power.

“This partnership agreement represents a milestone for Secure-NOK” says Dr. Siv Hilde Houmb, Secure-NOKs CEO and Founder. “As a result, our solutions are now widely available through Siemens distribution channels globally. Also, through this agreement, Secure-NOK strengthens its position as a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions uniquely designed to fit industrial needs.”

Read Siemens AG press release regarding the partnership here:

Secure-NOK AS is a Norwegian industrial cybersecurity company with headquarters in Hamar, Norway and offices in Houston, TX (US). The company was established in 2010 and is comprised of an international team with extensive experience in controls and automation systems cybersecurity, including SCADA and embedded systems.

Secure-NOK operates in a number of industrial cybersecurity market segments, including Power Utilities, Oil &Gas Installations, Transportation Systems, Critical Manufacturing and Aviation. The company´s core technology, SNOK, monitors Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) from the inside to detect cyber-attacks. Secure-NOK’s unique approach combines network and endpoint monitoring with anomaly behavior detection. This reduces blind spots in the infrastructure and enables detection of known as well as unknown cyber-attacks at an early stage. Through its core technology, Secure-NOK enables well-informed security decisions by providing asset owners and operators with early warnings of cybersecurity events.

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