Security Status

How secure are your company’s OT systems?

Get a quick assessment of the OT security status of your industrial facility.

  • No bindings
  • No investment in hardware
  • Fixed one time cost

Secure-NOK offer a comprehensive security solution for your industrial facility; the SNOK IDS/Security Monitoring System.

In the Security Status assessment you get a 60-day SNOK pilot license, and we prepare a security status report of your facility.
Optional hardware lease is included.

A thorough Health Check

As part of our service, we conduct a thorough Health Check of your industrial facility. This involves identifying all your OT and IoT assets through an asset inventory, conducting a detailed analysis of assets and infrastructure, and pinpointing potential security weaknesses.

The final report will provide you with a detailed security status overview and suggest improvements tailored to enhance the security of your facility.

The offer is limited to Q1 2024. 

Get in touch for more information and price quote.

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